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Why I'm A Buzzkill Part Two; Feel It To Heal It

You aren't a killjoy, says one of my oldest friends.

I disagree with her, but I won't say so.  I respond with love, I always want to leave them with love. Let me explain a few things I feel about being sober so you can understand why being a buzzkill
(killjoy, same thing to me) is now something to aspire to.

I have learned tofeel before I speaksince I quit drinking alcohol, I now feel my way through things.  This includes sharing how I feel without filters or censorship. If I love you, I will say it.  Even if we've never met.  Some of the greatest kindnesses and lessons have come from people I have never met in the flesh.  These people I love, I want them to know it.  This is all about learning to cope with feelings now instead of watering them down to make them either more palatable to myself or others.  I edit nothing, I simply feel, then put it out there into the world. By the same token if I don't like you I avoid you. I just don't include you.  I won't be…

Three Sober Lessons I Learned Today

I'd like to start sharing some things that make me go, hmmmm in my day.  If you watched TV in the 90's that will sound familiar.  Is it patented? Oops, my bad.  Anyhoo.  Simple little nuggets that I will share now and again as the mood strikes.  Usually a main course of sobriety related bites but occasionally with a smattering of vegan stuff too, for flavour.

1. Lists are a lady's best friend. This organized + creative system is one I'd like to adopt! To get me head on straight.  And remember the things.
2. Dogs put everyone else before them.  This is why dogs are man's best friend. At least in North America they are. Which leads me to lesson three...
3. Why do we judge? I mean, if you eat eat meat.  No difference really. So you are either for it, or against it.   But you cannot draw a line and say EDIBLE/NON-EDIBLE.  Know what I mean?

Pip pip, cheerio!

Why I'm A Buzzkill; Part One of Two Delicious Parts

People - it's radical and evolutionary and brave to pour that bottle of ethanol down the sink.

So sometimes when I go "medieval on your ass" online about sobriety surprisingly I get a ton of support. Mostly from women who are sober, a few who aren't.  The ones who aren't sober are intrigued by it, as if the question of their own drinking habits had never been a fleeting thought in their minds, ever. They offer kindness and curiosity.  I happily explain my lifestyle choice only when asked.  But hell yes I share about sobriety and often.  Why? Because I am living a life I absolutely love, and to think for a moment that another woman somewhere could wake up tomorrow morning full of self-loathing or even a mild tinge of regret about the three wines or bottle of tequila they sucked back last night is more than my conscience can stand.  And I want to help - simply because at one time I was that woman.  And because I'm not quiet about things I love.  I'm sharing…

Sobriety Station: Life After Exiting The Booze Train

"What's your poison?"  I remember being asked this question during my years of drinking alcohol and finding it funny. Why would drinking poison be funny? It isn't, yet it's a reality for millions of people.  I used to be one of those people. Not anymore. I quit drinking booze two years ago.

Life is a rapid succession of instances, if you blink you'll miss it. If you spend too much time planning, or dreaming of when the day comes - you'll miss the opportunity.  If you devote too much time thinking, inside your head - you'll miss it.  From one blinking instant to the next your life is happening and you are to pay attention to what is happening right now.  There is no other time.  The time to quit alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, over eating, over exercising, is NOW. The now is all you have, "some day" is a place that dwells nowhere.

Here are some happy little tidbits of what happened to me after I put down the poison.  Exited the booze train. …


Okay it's time to write. It's time for this newly minted (yet non-labelled) vegan to tell you a story! I was going to apologize for the ginormous gap between posts but why? It is what it is. It's like all the gals I know can try to convince me that heels are where it's at in the world of shoes and I will still be a flat's kind of gal. You can't tell the wind which way to blow, you know what I'm saying? And this blog is going to write itself when it writes itself, nothing can change the pace of the birthing of words into the world.  You know the Universe is constantly expanding because we are constantly adding to it, so let's be thoughtful about what we add.  It's going to be out there forever, so a little due diligence, please.  And silence is always golden, so let's not ruin that with anything but words of empirical importance that do more than inspire, they will help you navigate your own world - since as humans, we are more alike than we car…


Countless comments.  Endless blank stares. I endure this, almost every day. 

"You're sober? Like, forever? Like, you'll never ever get to drink again?" 

I get it. You think that this is some kind of punishment.  You think I lost a tragic bet to myself and now I have to stick to it to save face. Well no, it's not like that.  It's much deeper, and structured, and emotive and resonating with spirit and being full and being satisfied and being happy than you can possibly imagine if you haven't tried it.  I'm not going to lie, and tell you I have shitty days because of sobriety. I don't.  In fact, my sobriety is what has saved my days from becoming shitty. The total opposite of what any normal drinker may believe.  I say "normal" loosely, as I don't believe in normal drinking.  

Let me explain. 
Normal drinkers drink and get drunk and suffer hangovers, just like alcoholics do.  Do you know why? Because - drum roll please....alcohol is a toxic…


"The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire. Just as a single sick person can start an epidemic of the flu, so too can a small but precisely targeted push cause a fashion trend, the popularity of a new product, or a drop in the crime rate."
The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell

Toying in recent years with the idea of becoming a teetotaler, I had never really embraced the "aha" moment until it struck me like a bolt of lightning out of the blue.   It was a definitive moment in time, that I just knew it was all over for me and alcohol. I had reached my tolerance level for my own drinking behaviours (which are different and personal to everyone), and lo - for me it was my tipping point.The point where all my little promises and little intentions added up to one grand movement that finally stuck for good. A thousand mornings previously I had woken up and said, "I'm never…