Our Girls Road Trip To Quebec City

What do you do when your best friend Nicole flies in from her home in the USA to the Great White North? You hit the road for a road trip to Quebec City! And you make it memorable and fun and you do it sober.  With only one minor mishap involving the police and a lot of walking.  I mean, a lot of walking! I'd love to share some tidbits and would you like to have a peek at some of our pics...?

We started off at the Indian River Reptile Zoo. Canada’s Only Registered Non- Profit Reptile Zoo. They are actually a registered charity and they take in abandoned and unwanted reptiles.  A snake sanctuary!  They had a beautiful "Stonehenge" type of megalithic stone circle that was created by Edward K. Loyst out of pink granite from the Belmont Quarry near Stoney Lake. It's pretty magical.  We jumped there!

We then zoomed off and since it was a girls trip and we were in NO HURRY AT ALL because we love the journey and we just love to see how things unfold with zero agendas and no timelines, because that is way more fun....and less pressure....and like I said more relaxed and way more fun...we found an antique barn in Norwood, Ontario and went inside to have a look around.  It's filled with old telephones, bicycles, signs, and more.  Just the kind of thing you'd love if you were a collector or into vintage decorating.  A treasure trove!!

Our first stop was in Ottawa to visit some old and dear friends of mine.  Why we didn't take pics of that I will never know!  Too busy visiting I suppose. However the following morning we found this down the road from our hotel.  It is the biggest horticultural event in Canada, called MOSAƏCANADA 150/Gatineau 2017. These incredible, lush plants are living art! All of us girls were reminded of Tefiti in Moana when we came upon the last sculpture. She was larger than life, and this Mother Earth is well worth the trip to Gatineau.

After the park visit we hit the road and drove for six hours into the historic and charming Quebec City.  This 400 year old stunning town on the Saint Lawrence River dates back to 1608, it is a walled city with stone buildings and narrow streets. Our favourite spot, known as The Petit Champlain district, boasts cobblestone streets and is lined with bistros and boutiques. Nicole booked us a Ghost Tour by lantern light and it was mind blowingly great.  A must-do when in QC.

We Yelp-ed a few ideas about where to eat, however it was not the best city to dine in if you are vegan. I understand there are a few good vegan spots but they were few and far between.  I lived on salad, lentil soup and fries! The next time I go I will be sure to better research the food options. It's my humble opinion that most restaurants now in this day and age should assume that with 800 million vegans in the world, there should be some options on the menu that don't include salad, lentil soup and fries.  But I digress.  For those of you who enjoy eating poutine, the kids raved about that. :)

Next morning we took a ferry from our side of the river where our hotel was located and found ourselves once again at Rue de Petit Champlain.   We Uber-ed it to Montmorency Falls for the first half of the day.  You *have* to make the 15 minute trip by car to see these falls!  You can hike them free of charge and soak in all the nature and beauty of this natural waterfall.  Zipliners will love that too. Crazy scary looking ziplines for those who like to take in a different view in front of the falls. Back to the city we went after a few hours of walking around the falls.

Hiking and walking through the city was a joy.  We took tons of pictures,  stopping once in awhile only to eat and drink.  A perfect day scouring the city for photo ops and soaking in the history.

We loved this road trip.  However it was lovely to hike all day, and swim and hang out in the evenings and Quebec City will definitely be on our list of places to travel to again.  Thanks for reading and comment if you have any questions about our trip! xo G

p.s. The police run-in from the beginning of the story, you ask? Well let's just say we broke the law while driving home! A law we didn't know existed until now. A traffic violation and we were let off with a stern lesson and a warning.
And anytime Nicole is here it's fun to do something with her, even narrowly avoiding getting arrested, lol...she is as adventurous and free-spirited as we are.  So we'll miss the hell out of her when she leaves to go home soon. Insert sad face here.