I believe the Universe has a better door for you to open.

Aloha beautiful ones. I'm back!

So, let's get right to it. In REAL LIFE I'm an encourager.  If you know me, you will know that I have invisible pom-poms and I will always coach the light out of you, whether you see it or not.  This digital space is a small, yet important expression of that part of me.  Not all the solutions are here, but I hold a candle in the dark so that you can see your way to the next available door.  What door will you choose?

And YES yet again I'm grateful for my sobriety! Why the hell else do you think I write a blog about it? I don't have time to waste, people.  I just don't. And neither do you! I'm sharing to help you if you need it.  My message is basic, in the most beautiful way.  Not Instagram basic, but simplistic basic.  I want you to know that you do not need alcohol to get through a day! The cycle of addiction keeps you locked into a habit that can potentially be destroying you, your family and your soul. You can get free of this.  Listen to me now, will you?

Two years and a few months ago I stopped killing my soul.  I woke up and decided ENOUGH.  Alcohol be gone.  I no longer craved the pain, the sadness, the sickness, the tiredness.  I'd simply been there and done that and this was a new day.  I'd reached my personal rock bottom (it's a little different for everyone) and decided to leave alcohol behind.  Little did I know at the time I'd still dwell in this space two years later, this luminous and beautiful expression of my *all-that-is* I can credit to my sobriety and that alone.  

Who created this meme? It's genius, thanks.

About to fuck you up with my truth, beautiful souls.  I am so much more since I put the bottle down.  I did this, I see the results, and I want others to know that they can do this too. I want you to know that I SEE IN YOU PURE POTENTIAL.  Do you hear me??? You are radiant.   You are light.  You must know this, when you wake up hungover and think to yourself, "Why did I do that again? Tonight I'm not drinking." You are a beautiful soul expression of this Universe and you aren't shining as brightly as you could because alcohol is dulling that expression, big time. You are perfect.  You always will be.  Unlearn all society has taught you about how to hate yourself.  There are millions of ways to hate yourself, as we all know all too well.  There is a fantastic way to love yourself, and it's by choosing a new door.  

Pic courtesy of my friend Sasha Tozzi, Recovery Coach and Healer

The mystery door.  It's marked *Sobriety*.  Yes.  It's working for me, and know that I drank enough to choke a sailor on shore leave okay...like....whoa. I could drink.  I pounded the booze.  Daily.  It was a slippery slope from being a little nudge to get me to sleep, to a full blown "Where's my bottle of wine, I need to drink that entire bad boy before bed."

So now this led me to daily fog.  Dissatisfaction with many areas of my life.  My diet SUCKED.  My skin looked awful.  I had no drive to do anything but get through a day until I could drink again.  And I did it all on the sly.  No one really knew except my husband.  A few friends knew I was depressed but they maybe thought it was a clinical diagnosis...that I was feeling anxious or blue because that's just how people feel, right?

But loves, I had a shit ton of potential for greatness that I was wasting by being wasted every night.  

You have in you the potential to not only get through a day, but a week, a month, a year.  AND...you can also become more than you dreamed of. I'm not promising you fame and fortune, no.  This promise is FAR BETTER than that crap.  This is the gift of sobriety, a knowing yourself so deeply that nothing and no one can shake you.  That you wake each day and jump out of bed, no longer feeling the need to sleep your life away.  It's enjoying food again. You notice colours, scents, textures. Your senses come alive. You have gratitude for everything.  It's loving people more deeply than before.  By that I mean you *see* the good in people, whereas by contrast booze would light the fire that fueled the *who the fuck does she think she is* conversations that always ended badly. (I had a few talks like that and when alcohol is involved, everyone says things they'd rather take back the following morning.)  It is a road to take that can open up your creativity.  You will work smarter, not harder.  You will sleep soundly.  You will be present.  You know I could go on and on...you damn well know this list is endless. I don't even want to talk about the upliftment of it all, cause it will take forever....on how you can feel your heart getting lighter and brighter and you will want other people to know this feeling. Yoga practice goes deeper, meditation is clearer, dreams more lucid...my gosh.  Wondrous stuff guys.

There are other blogs and websites that can tell you why you shouldn't drink with statistics, graphics, science and more.  This space is to bring awareness to the fact that sobriety is nothing to be feared, it's to be embraced.  I encourage it wholeheartedly.

Have you ever resisted going on a roller coaster because you didn't know if you could handle it? Then you decide to jump on and ride it and when it's all over you think *what a blast that was!* 

What about trying a new food? Same thing, tasted so good you wished you'd been more open minded years ago.  You could have been enjoying that for years! 

Sober living, and the choice to no longer drink is a powerful choice we make.  It's a bumpy and stunningly scenic road though.  Like a Jeep ride to the best hidden beach in the world.  Remember a few of the following phrases when faced with dumbass questions regarding you no longer drinking: 

"I choose to no longer drink. It dulls my light.  I'm a happier, more connected person when I choose not to drink.  It's entirely my choice.  No I don't feel sad that I can't drink anymore because I've chosen not to drink anymore,  it's that simple.  I don't drink.  Thanks, but I'll have the soda.  No, I'm not sick, I've never felt better. Where's the soft cocktail menu? What do you have that is non-alcoholic? For me I choose no alcohol because I love waking up feeling like the badass high achiever I was born to be, but thanks anyways."

No alcohol.  It's possible. One day at a time.  One moment, one breath at a time.  Then just keep doing that. If you doubt you can do it, just remember that the door the Universe is offering you is waiting for you to open it, and you will love what's on the other side. See, encouragement.  It's what I do.

xo G

P.S. If you would like to quit drinking, know that you can and that help is available to you. 
If you aren't sure where to start,  call someone you know who is sober.  If you don't have someone you can call, contact  http://www.drugandalcoholhelpline.ca/ for immediate help.

1-800-565-8603 is the telephone number to call.

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