How To Be Happy

Do you want to be happy? I did, for a long time.  I faked it for a few years, lol.  Often falling asleep on my couch after over-scheduling my day and then using that as an excuse to *drink*. The glorification of busy, as my homies like to say.  Which is fine because as long as the world thinks you are *busy* then you are *important* and you *matter* and therefore you *deserve* wine.  You know what I'm saying right?

How about we turn that lame ass ship around. Because we all know it isn't getting us anywhere.  We don't need to keep ourselves stuck in a cycle of doing it all in order to justify our drinking.  We have to ask ourselves why we drink in the first place.  With so much to really be happy about, shouldn't we be okay without the booze? And if we really are desperately unhappy about our lives will booze help? Well yes and no.  In the short term, of course booze seems to help! Why do you think we all take the edge off with a glass of wine? We drink because it helps us forget our problems. It feels good to *check out* of reality every now and then. Then after awhile we do this often because it becomes super convenient, and then we become addicts because alcohol is a toxic, addictive substance just like heroin, cocaine, crack, meth...the list goes on. It *is* however a socially accepted (even celebrated, just look at the memes, ads, etc) addiction in our culture and because of that it is heavily promoted and a lot of people benefit from us being addicted, sick and unhappy.  You heard me, unhappy!

Wanna get happy? Use these tools whether you still drink or not.  These tricks are simple, yet they work.  Check this out:

Try sobriety!  Set a short term goal of one day.  Stay sober for a day, then when you get through that day set another goal for a week.  Try it on for size.  How will you know the beautiful scenery of this gorgeous road if you stay travelling on your same old road every day of your life?

Be willing to say *this is my life, I'm worth this* and be curious where that leads.  Often if we don't challenge ourselves to be, act, think or do things differently, our brains will run on autopilot often thinking the same detrimental thoughts that lead you to pick up a bottle every day.  It's worth a shot.  Be curious enough to know that your life could be an adventure.  (And not the kind that ends you up in jail with a DUI or with scars from falling down the stairs, or cutting yourself, or basically injuring yourself in any number of ways...) Getting help for your drinking could mean any number of things.  Contact AA, join a Facebook group or Instagram community of #sober #soberbloggers #teetotal #teetotaller get the idea.  Find your tribe.  Use them as you disengage from drinking and they will be there for you time and again, even if you fall off the horse. Or proverbial wagon.  We've got your back.

Speaking of horses, look at this beaut! Listen.  Without judgement.  You want to be happy? Stop listening to yourself.  The detrimental words and phrases our minds glom on to can really put us in a bad mood if we believe them and judge ourselves.  Don't judge! It obviously applies to the outside world too, but pay close attention to the attacks you do on yourself.  Quiet the mind with a meditation practice.  Twice a day, not negotiable.  And practice letting go of toxic thoughts as you let go of your toxic substances.

This is self explanatory.  If you are in *your own head* and fixated on you you you, then get out.  Get out of your mind and go focus on volunteering somewhere, pick a room and clean it, organize your closet, pay a visit to a neighbour, offer to help someone, anyone and go do it! You will glean an appreciation for how well your energy can feel when you spend it profligately on others.  Happiness is something you can sprinkle everywhere, like glitter.  And it will return to you.  Watch and see the miracles roll in.  Happiness is attainable. It's a self imposed feeling.  Allow it!

Reset your inner compass with nature.  It heals.  There is nothing more to say here.  There is a shit ton of science to back it up.  There are countless blogs, articles, books written on this.  Get outside.  Breathe the air.  Commune with the earth.  Appreciate her.  Understand her.  Be good to her.  She will reward you tenfold.  

Happiness is in the palm of your hand, you should take it.  -Yogi Bhajan

He was so right!  Happiness is already here.  Rumi said, "You wander from room to room hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck." Happiness is here kids.  It's already yours! It's your birthright.  If you are drinking every bottle of wine to find it I assure you it won't be there.  Stop.  Get help.  Contact me if you need to.  This is your one wild and precious life (thanks Mary Oliver) so do not give it away to the health care system, the legal system, the government and other people who would take advantage of you being unwell.  Take your power back.

It took work for me to become the happy person I am today. The work is mandatory, it's not a simple fix.  But it can be done. You may not feel happy now, tomorrow or even next week. But you keep up the allowing, the giving, the humility, and the will appear.  This is my wish for you. And then will you please pass this message along to those who need it?


P.S. If you would like to quit drinking, know that you can and that help is available to you. 
If you aren't sure where to start,  call someone you know who is sober.  If you don't have someone you can call, contact for immediate help.

1-800-565-8603 is the telephone number to call.