I knew that every time I refused a drink nothing but goodness and beauty would rush in to take it's place.

Aloha loves. Just thought about this today, thought I'd share it for you in case it resonated with where you are at.  We are halfway through #SoberOctober and I wanted to pop over here with a little encouragement for you, should you need it.

I had a vivid dream when I first quit drinking. 
I was in my house, the house I work in where my business and my partner's business is located.  It was extravagantly decorated, and had numerous floors...almost infinite it seemed.  But nonetheless, it was the same house in my mind.  

I looked across a black room to see a sweet little girl, being offered a fancy + beautiful looking alcoholic drinks on a gleaming silver tray.  She made eye contact with me at that instant.  I calmly walked over to her and said kindly, "You don't have to drink this. This is a lie. You can throw it away!" And I swept my hand across the tray - the drinks disappeared and in their place tons of beautiful flowers appeared.  I laughed at that power I suddenly manifested and tried it again.  Only this time I swept my arm across the tray and even more flowers appeared.  The tray kept replenishing itself with bloom upon bloom.  Even the little girl tried, she tried to sweep the flowers away and to no avail...they kept up and wouldn't stop. 
It was then that I noticed with a start, the little girl was me.

I awoke from that dream so full of hope with my decision to quit.  I knew that every time I refused a drink nothing but goodness and beauty would rush in to take it's place. This has been true of my experience ever since.  

It does not mean I live a perfect life, so please don't put that spin on what I'm saying here.  The message inherent in this is that nothing good can come from drinking if you are one like me who cannot manage this toxic poisonous substance.  There is nothing *wrong* with you if you have trouble stopping after one or two drinks because it is one of the most addictive drugs in our society today.  Not one of us is designed to process this awful stuff, and yet if you struggle like I did you will know how hard it can be to stop.  My advice is this, and I'm not an addiction specialist but I know a thing or two about being sober after nearly two and a half years...if you sense you have a *problem* or even if you dislike the way alcohol makes you feel...could be time to sweep the tray clean.  See what manifests on there for you.

With so much love on this #hangoverfreeSunday! xo G