Know your limit!

"It's a looming health crisis."

Did you read the linked article? Let's discuss.

Some quotes and fast facts:

"For example, when girl-power heroine Amy Schumer guzzled Bandit boxed wine in the movie "Trainwreck," Bandit's producer, Trinchero Family Estates, promoted the scene on social media. Young women responded with photos of themselves chugging Bandit. Within months, Trinchero said, sales of boxed wines - sometimes called "binge in a box" - jumped 22 percent."

"Women also are frequently shown drinking to cope with daily stress. In one image that appeared on a company website, two white women wearing prim, narrow-brimmed hats, button earrings and wash-and-set hair confer side by side. "How much do you spend on a bottle of wine?" one asks. The other answers, "I would guess about half an hour . . . " At the bottom is the name of the wine: Mommy's Time Out."

Yeah, this is unbearable. We'd better get a drink in order to cope. 

Not sure about you, but I really despise these alcohol companies treating me and other women like idiots with their targeted marketing.  Especially when the very thing they are promoting  is killing us in record numbers.  

"Even responsible drinking campaigns can send conflicting messages. A Facebook ad for Smirnoff Ice - ranked among the five most popular beverages by young female drinkers - shows a stack of caps from four pint-size bottles. The tagline: "Know Your Limit.""

Here's something interesting.  "Know your limit." So we are going to heavily market this to you, in the guise of you deserving it because you have children and they suck the life out of you, so in order to cope you must drink but KNOW YOUR LIMIT.  So this highly addictive toxic drug is now being pushed in your face but it's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU....crash your car, kill yourself, abuse your spouse, kill someone else, lose a limb, go blind, get diabetes, get breast cancer, have liver disorders, have endocrine disorders, ruin your marriage, suffer malnutrition, pancreatitis, your brain shrinking, fetal alcohol syndrome, mouth cancer, I'll stop now or you will get depressed and want to drink more. But Know Your Limit, guys.  It's not THEIR FAULT if you drink too much.   

Ain't nobody got time for that.  What would happen if we all stopped drinking? What would that look like?
Would our homes be cleaner, happier, more organized? 
Would our children be less of a burden and more of something for us to be overjoyed about? Would we listen to them breathe more when they sleep, would we pay attention more when they tell their adventurous stories, would we look into their eyes and just give thanks that we don't have to drink to tolerate them? They are brilliant human souls. They are children for fucks sakes! A goddamned miracle! Why are we drinking to forget that we have children? I'm astounded by this marketing slant alone.
Would we have better skin? Nails? Sleep? Would we dream prettier? Calmer? Less restless legs or muscle cramps from electrolyte deficiencies? Yes.  Sleep would be sound.  
Would we have better sense of community? Better relationships? Better work performance? Maybe we'd quit our jobs that we hate and go find ones that sing to our inner joys instead of drinking the night away come 5 o'clock because we hate our jobs.
That's it! We'd become better decision makers.  Yes.  
Would we spend more time in nature?
Get less illness?
Die less? 

Would we thrive?


Time to get help if you haven't yet.  Reach out and talk to someone today about getting your life back, which will be fucking beautiful after the first few weeks of adjustment which will be mind-blowingly hard...but do it anyways - DO IT ANYWAYS because life without numbing out is technicolour and anger and sadness and joy and happiness all in the same bowl.  And it tastes great! You will want to make sure if you are suffering from a particularly heavy substance use disorder that you seek out medical supervision, I can't stress this enough.

Will you find your tribe? 

Will you be okay?

Will you do new things and astound yourself daily?

Will you repair dead relationships?
MAYBE.  But hey, we all have to own our part.

Will you be better off?

Is it going to suck?
YES!! But.

Is it going to be worth it??

Love your soul.
We are waking up. We are not shit-brained consumers. 
We are humans full of potential that we will realize.  You can't take our lives away from us anymore.  
Thank you Chicago Tribune